College of Health faculty and students standing in a group on a staircase


As Lehigh establishes the College of Health, it is drawing on the knowledge and expertise of faculty and professional staff from throughout the university. Beyond their passion for health equity, and addressing health disparities through research, they push the college toward important milestones in academics and research, admissions, development, infrastructure, communications, and administration.

Hyunok Choi, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor and Director, Children’s Environmental Precision Health Institute, Lehigh University
(610) 758-2626

Christine Makosky Daley, PhD, MA, SM
Professor and Department Chair, Department of Community and Population Health
(610) 758-1878

Sean Daley, PhD, MA
Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Indigenous Studies
(610) 758-2581

Eduardo J. Gómez, PhD, MA
Associate Professor; Associate Chair, Department of Community and Population Health; and Director, Institute of Health Policy and Politics
(610) 758-3563

Michael Gusmano, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Interim Director MPH, Professor
(610) 758-3116

Bilal Khan, PhD
Professor of Data Science, Department of Community and Population Health; College of Health Department of Computer Science and Engineering in RCEAS; and Director, Health Data Warehouse

Shan Li, PhD
Assistant Professor

Xinliang (Albert) Liu, PhD, MS
Associate Professor, Graduate Director MS/Ph.D.
(610) 758-3117

Joseph Pacheco, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Population Health; IIS Research Scientist - Affiliation: Quechua/Cherokee