Xinliang (Albert) Liu, PhD, MS

Associate Professor, Department of Community and Population Health; Director, MS
(610) 758-3117
Office: HST 137


Dr. Xinliang “Albert” Liu is an associate professor and a trained health services researcher who spent more than a decade studying the intersection of medicine, economics and health services. His research focuses on health services utilization, costs, quality of care, and performance evaluation of healthcare organizations. His expertise includes developing novel methodological approaches for clinical and policy issues such as changing treatment patterns, medical complications, and effectiveness of interventions in real-world settings based on secondary data sources. Along with his colleagues, including clinicians from various specialties, Dr. Liu has collectively led in the design, development, and implementation of many research projects that generate empirical evidence regarding the value of health services from the population health perspective. The implications for these efforts are transforming how health care is delivered in clinical settings. Dr. Liu holds a Bachelor of Medicine in Medicine degree and a Master's degree in Health Economics and Policy Research. He received his doctorate in Health Services Organization and Research from Virginia Commonwealth University.