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The Nexus of Health and Innovation

The College of Health is the nexus of health research at Lehigh. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people of communities across the country and around the world, as well as the greater Lehigh Valley.




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Our Strategic Research and Partnership

The Strategic Research topics in the College of Health focus on interdisciplinary topics that are critical to community and population health. In our Community and Population Health research area, we seek to improve the health of underserved populations through data-driven prevention and intervention based on social, biological, psychological, commercial, and other determinants of health. Our Health Innovation & Technology research aims to develop diagnostics, devices, and data analytics to improve health outcomes, leveraging Lehigh’s traditional technology strengths.

The College of Health accomplishes its work through partnership.  We partner internally at Lehigh with colleagues in business, engineering, education, and the arts and sciences in multidisciplinary collaborations that reflect the complex nature of any health challenge. We collaborate with a range of external partners – from corporations and foundations to health networks and government agencies – who work with communities and share our goals to address some of society’s most pressing health challenges.

  • Improving the health of global & Indigenous populations

  • Exploring the impact of the built environment and greenspace

  • Modeling of infectious diseases for prediction and control

  • Creating interventions to improve mental & behavioral health

  • Addressing maternal & child health issues

  • Integrating health data science & technology, as well as qualitative methods

  • Examining health policy & ethics in healthcare, and economics of health systems

  • Tackling issues of addiction and substance use (smoking, alcohol, etc)

  • Assessing environmental factors (air, water, etc) on health

  • Reducing health disparities among underserved populations in the Lehigh Valley and internationally (LGBTQ, Immigrant, Latino, etc)

Publications & News

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Lehigh Research Review
2022 Volume No. 7

Fathima Wakeel, Associate Professor
Development and Application of a Comprehensive Measure of Access to Health Services to Examine COVID-19 Health Disparities

Rochelle Frounfelker, Assistant Professor
Violent radicalization during the COVID-19 pandemic: At the intersection of gender, conspiracy theories, and psychological distress
Journal for Deradicalization

Eduardo Gómez, Associate Professor
Junk Food Politics: How Beverage and Fast Food Industries Are Reshaping Emerging Economies
NPR News 

Thomas McAndrew, Assistant Professor
Aggregating human judgment probabilistic predictions of the safety, efficacy, and timing of a COVID-19 vaccine
Science Direct

Albert Liu, Associate Professor
Telehealth Utilization Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups Before and During COVID-19
Public Health Reports

Contact Us

Danielle Barzydlo
Pre-Award Research Coordinator

  • Identifies funding opportunities
  • Research event planning and external engagement
  • Proposal development and routing for internal review
  • Subrecipient and subcontract coordination
  • Point of contact for ORCID, SciENcv, and LIRA

Won Choi, PhD, MPH
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education and Professor, Department of Community and Population Health

  • Promotes internal and external research collaboration
  • Identifies and develops research focus areas
  • Provides research perspective on faculty growth
  • Supports interdisciplinary research teams

Matthew Mattern
Senior Director of Nonprofit Engagement

  • Internal grant opportunities
  • Foundation/Nonprofit engagement
  • Corporate engagement
  • Industry partnerships

Heather Messina
Assistant Director, Research Administration

  • Oversees college-level research activity
  • Post-award financial management
  • Process and procedure development
  • Contract review and process management
  • Research administration data requests