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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Partners Across Campus

Pulling from Lehigh’s other four colleges, more than 60 affiliated faculty members bring their expertise in the areas of Community and Global Health, Population Health, and Health Innovation & Technology.

Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Education

College of Business

Clinical Affiliated Faculty

Practitioners in clinical or public health settings outside of Lehigh, clinical affiliated faculty contribute substantially to the College of Health as research partners, internship sponsors, student mentors, and/or guest lecturers.

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Sweety Jain, MD
Primary Care Physician

Health & Wellness Center Affiliated Faculty

The Health and Wellness Center not only supports the health and wellbeing of all Lehigh students, they collaborate with the College of Health on research and teaching.

Student Affairs | Health & Wellness Center

Steven Bowers, D.O.
Medical Director, Health & Wellness Center

Collaborating Academic Visitors

World-class faculty are welcome to visit College of Health from a home institution to foster collaboration and partnership with Lehigh University personnel on research and/or access the University facilities.

Siny Joseph, PhD
Kansas State University

Zhiheng Hao
Duke University