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Colloquium Series

The Spring 2023, College of Health Colloquium series focused on the topic of Nutrition. In a context of quickly shifting global climate change conditions and food insecurity, nutrition has become an increasingly important scholarly and public policy topic. This semester's Colloquium series assembled internationally recognized experts who discussed current domestic and international nutritional epidemiological trends, such as overnutrition (obesity) and undernutrition (nutrient deficiency, stunting), and how governments, civil society, the private sector, and researchers are responding. We looked at trends within our most challenged communities in the United States, as well as other emerging middle-income countries, such as Brazil, India, and Mexico, and the World Health Organization's role in response. Our goal was to inform the public about these nutritional challenges through an interdisciplinary population health lens and to discuss potential solutions to improve our health and prosperity.

Spring 2023 Colloquium Series: Nutrition

"What's for Lunch?  The Past, Present, and Future of School Nutrition"
Marlene Schwartz, Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences and Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Health, University of Connecticut. To stay up to date on Dr. Schwartz’s work, please subscribe to the UConn Rudd Center’s newsletter at this link.
Recording is available HERE

"The Politics of Food and Malnutrition: Understanding the Rise and Influence of Junk Food Industries and the Role of Government in Developing Nations" with Eduardo Gómez, Associate Professor, Department of Community and Population Health and Director, Institute for Health Policy and Politics, Lehigh University
Recording is available HERE

"Animal source foods in young child nutrition: from evidence to policy"
Laura Iannotti, Professor, Institute of Public Health, Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Recording is available HERE

Colloquium Series Archive

The College of Health's colloquium series commenced in the Spring semester of 2021 and has continued during the academic years.  All colloquium recordings are viewable on the college's YouTube site, accessible.  For a list of colloquia titles, click the upper right-hand corner of the YouTube playlist.