Krista Liguori, PhD, MSPH

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Population Health
Office: HST L128


Krista Liguori is a multidisciplinary scientist with specific interests in antimicrobial resistance and global environmental health and justice. Dr. Liguori has experience working on national Human Health Standards and Criteria at the US EPA, conducting state-wide HIV and STI surveillance for the state of Texas, and conducting international research projects in several countries, particularly in Central and South America. She is passionate about empowering students and young professionals to pursue their dreams and have unique, engaging educational experiences both in the US and abroad.


  • Penn State University, BS in Biology
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, MSPH in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control
  • Virginia Tech, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Areas of Research and Publications

  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Method development and standardization for monitoring contamination in wastewater, surface water, and drinking water
  • Environmental health and justice

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