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Please email us at for advising questions or come by the College of Health suite in the Health, Science, & Technology building. 

For registration questions email us at 
COH courses with special permissions are located on this form with detailed information found in the dropdown menu "Department Permission" below. 

Registration PIN: Please complete THIS SURVEY then contact the Advising Team for your PIN. If you have chosen to remain with your faculty advisor please obtain your PIN by contacting them.

Below are expanding content links to vital resources for navigating your way through the College of Health: advising, declarations, academic policies and more.

The courses listed below have reserved seating and require department permission. Using your Lehigh credentials (ID), signup to request a seat through this LINK. Permission for courses not listed below may be obtained by contacting the instructor directly.

CourseCRNCourse TitleSeating Capacity
43747BSTA 005-010Statistical Literacy in Health30 TOTAL | 20 COH FYS
45254BSTA 007-010Frontiers of AI in Health30 TOTAL | 20 COH FYS
43318CGH 001-010Community Health30 TOTAL | 30 COH FYS
43321CGH 004-010Introduction to Global Health30 TOTAL | 20 COH FYS
45306CGH 102-010Community Health & Engineer30 TOTAL |15 COH | 15 ENG
43541CGH 301-010Field Experience I25 TOTAL | SR STATUS 
43542CGH 303-010Honors Field Experience I10 TOTAL | SR STATUS 
41809GCP 185-010Cosmopolitanism and Culture I18 TOTAL | NO FYS
42936POPH 001-010Intro Pop & Public Health30 TOTAL | 30 COH FYS
43537POPH 301-010Capstone (Proposal)25 TOTAL | SR STATUS 
43756POPH 305-010Honors Pop Health Capstone (P)10 TOTAL | SR STATUS 


When completing forms, use the original Lehigh email address for yourself and all recipients (ex.  DO NOT use an alias (

COH SOS Undergraduate Petition Form
Students who need an exception to a current policy may petition the SOS committee (Standing of Students). For more information on the committee, including their meeting schedule, which determines when they will make a decision on your petition, visit their website

Overload Request Form
This form is used for students wishing to make more than the suggested credit course load per semester.  A course load exceeding 17 credits is an overload for the following students and requires this form, which the College of Health advising team reviews:

  • First semester first-year students
  • Any student with a GPA less than 2.5
  • A load exceeding 19 credits must also include an SOS petition form, unless the student has a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Petition to Reserve Courses for Graduate Degree Form
Students participating in the 4+1 program will need to complete this form.

While students may have indicated the major they are interested in as part of their admissions application, all students are admitted into the College as undeclared. Once students declare their major, they will be matched with a COH faculty member for advising.

Go HERE to initiate the form for declaring your major in the College of Health.

Dual Degrees

With some planning, students can complete a dual degree (one in the COH, and one in another Lehigh college).


  • Students need an established GPA with a first declared major before adding another one.
  • Students must take 30 additional credit hours beyond the first degree credit-hour requirements.
    • All of the 30 additional credit hours must be taken at Lehigh or in Lehigh residency programs
    • All special second degree programs must be approved by the dean of the college in which the degree is to be offered and the Standing of Students Committee.

Go HERE for the Dual Degree Petition Form.

Minors can be declared at any time in the College of Health. 

Available minors:

  • Population Health
  • Community Health
  • Indigenous Peoples Health
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Global Health
  • Health Policy & Politics
  • Biostatistics


  • Minors consist of at least 15 credits.
  • If successfully completed, minor(s) will be shown on university transcript the same as the major field.

For minors within the COH, go HERE to complete the minor declaration form.
For minors in other colleges, reach out to their advising centers:

We recommend that pre-health students (how Lehigh categorizes students seeking to go to medical, veterinary, or dental school) consider using the pre-health course this sequencing schedule so that they are on-track for taking the MCATs their junior year.

Pre-health students also receive advising support from Autumn Moser, assistant director in the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), who assists pre-health students in staying on track for their MCATs. She can also connect you with a pre-health peer mentor.

Find out more here: Health Professions Advising FAQs

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