Partner Scholarships

The College of Health aims to improve the health of our communities.  And to support this goal, application fee waivers ($65) and scholarships are available to full and part-time graduate students enrolled in any COH master's program, excluding the 1-MBA/MPH unless noted otherwise. Proof of employment at a qualifying partner will be required each semester.  

Health Networks in the Lehigh Valley

  • Employees working in local health networks receive a 30% tuition scholarship, including the 1-MBA/MPH
  • Dependents of local health network employees receive a 30% tuition scholarship 


  • Lehigh University alumni receive a 30% tuition scholarship
  • graduates of any LVAIC school receive a 30% tuition scholarship


  • Employees working at a non-profit such as a school system or social service agency receive a 30% tuition scholarship


  • Government employees receive a 30% tuition scholarship
  • Military veterans receive a 30% tuition scholarship with additional funding available through the Yellow Ribbon Program


  • Over 200 employers participate in the EdAssist program. If you are unsure if you qualify for the tuition reduction, please speak to your company's Human Resources department to see if your employer is a participating EdAssist client. If your employer participates, you will receive a 30% tuition scholarship.
    • Once an application for tuition assistance has been approved according to EdAssist guidelines, a letter of credit (LOC) is issued to the participating company (i.e. your employer). Once you have received your LOC from your employer, please complete the following steps:
      • Sign and date your letter of credit (LOC)
      • Send your LOC form to
      • The tuition reduction is then applied to your student account for currently enrolled courses.