College of Health Class of '23 Journeys


By: Esha Soni

Abby Bryer 

Destination: COH 4+1 MS Program
Position: Graduate Student
Journey in the COH: Throughout Bryer’s time in the COH, she was committed to her work in the Institute of Indigenous Studies, where she was an undergraduate and student researcher. Some of the most memorable courses Bryer attended in her time at the College of Health were “Medical Mysteries” with Christine Daley, professor of community and population health, “Outbreak” with Thomas McAndrew, assistant professor of community and population health, “Social Determinants of Health” with Rochelle Frounfelker, assistant professor of community and population health, and Maternal and Child Health with Fathima Wakeel, associate professor of community and population health. Byrer’s passion for public mental health continued to grow throughout her time studying abroad in Copenhagen, DK, during her junior year. She is grateful to the College of Health for guiding her through the 4+1 accelerated masters program, and allowing her to complete her graduate degree so quickly after her undergraduate degree.

Trevor Buss

Destination: Boyle Construction 
Position: Safety Administrator 
Journey in the COH: Buss’s journey in the College of Health was different from others— he transferred to Lehigh from Northampton Community College for experiential learning opportunities to support his passion for a career in health and safety. The classes Buss took in the College of Health went beyond traditional lectures, providing hands-on experiences that allowed him to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world. During his internship at Amcor Global Packaging Solutions in Allentown, Buss had the opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals in health and safety, gaining insights into the daily challenges and responsibilities of the role. He applied classroom theories to the working world, enhancing his adaptability and decision-making skills. Buss entered the workforce with confidence, armed with practical skills and a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of health and safety management. The knowledge he gained from the College and his internship continue to shape his approach to solving challenges in his current role, highlighting how hands-on experiences are crucial in cultivating a successful career in health and safety. 

Emily Grace

Destination: Huron Healthcare Consulting
Position: Healthcare Consulting Analyst 
Journey in the COH: Grace enthusiastically immersed herself in both classes and research from the start of her time at the College of Health. As one of the few sophomores in the College, she seized the opportunity to engage in various research projects. Grace collaborated on infection modeling with assistant professorThomas McAndrew, and delved into geographic epidemiology with Hunyok Choi, professor of community and population health. Additionally, she partnered with Albert Liu, associate professor of community and population health, to establish a campus chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. These endeavors paved the way for a summer internship in healthcare compliance consulting at KPMG, a multinational professional services network, following her junior year, which, in turn, prepared her for her current role as a healthcare consulting analyst.

MacKenzie Kramer

Destination: Graduate School at Clemson University 
Position: Graduate Student 
Journey in the COH: Kramer discovered her love for data science while pursuing her degree in Population Health, developing a well-rounded perspective of the determining factors in both individual and population health. For her capstone project, Kramer implemented her knowledge of data science, surveying Lehigh students in order to identify differences between stress factors and stress levels experienced by athletes versus non-athletes. Her advisor and capstone mentor, Associate Thomas McAndrew, guided Kramer passion’s for data science and machine learning, directing her to courses and topics that would be key in preparing her for her future education and career. Now, Kramer is pursuing her master’s in Biomedical Data Science and Informatics at Clemson University, where her knowledge of data science and determinants of health has allowed her to contribute insight on interventions for populations with particular inequities. She has been accepted into Clemson’s PhD program for the same degree, and is currently deciding whether she wants to pursue her PhD now, or later on in her journey. She aims to perform research in the medical field and investigate how machine learning can be used to improve lives and health outcomes across the world.

Emily Lacasse

Destination: Masters of Engineering in Healthcare Systems Engineering at Lehigh University 
Position: Graduate Student 
Journey in the COH: While pursuing her degree in Population Health, Lacasse gained experience in research, data analysis, and disease forecasting, and quickly grew to love community and global health. Lacasse laid the foundations for many career paths, from less typical paths like insurance consulting, to more traditional routes like epidemiology, each option will enable Lacasse to improve health outcomes, her guiding passion. To further prepare for her career, Lacasse is currently pursuing a master's of engineering in Health Systems Engineering at Lehigh University.

Cheryl Qin 

Destination: Masters in Management at Lehigh College of Business 
Position: Graduate Student 
Journey in the COH: Qin embraced opportunities for hands-on experience while studying for her degree in Community & Global Health. As an intern at the PA Department of Health, Qin led projects addressing obesity in Lehigh County, and also conducted transportation health equity research, which is set to feature in Pennsylvania’s 2024 State of Health Equity report. Qin collaborated with Michael Gusmano, professor of Health Policy, researching China's healthcare systems, exploring financing, insurance, employee satisfaction, public perceptions, and drug regulations, publishing her findings in the Health Politics and Policy journal. Additionally, Qin worked with Kate Jackson, assistant professor of Community and Population Health, and local partners to reduce illegal trash dumping in Bethlehem, which has evolved into an ongoing Mountaintop Initiative. These experiences have shaped her passion for the intersection of health and business, aligning with her current pursuit of a Masters in Management at Lehigh's College of Business. Qin is eager to leverage this interdisciplinary background to contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of public health and business integration and make a positive impact on our society's health challenges.

Carson Snyder 

Destination: Johnson & Johnson
Position: Associate Deal Desk Quoting Analyst
Journey in the COH: While earning her degree in Population Health, Snyder prioritized building meaningful connections and nurturing her passion for population health as a whole. She utilized the College’s flexible programs and sought out mentors to learn from, such as Beth Dolan, dean of the College of Health, and Thomas McAndrew, assistant professor of community and population health. Snyder pursued engaging and meaningful discussions about population health within and outside of the classroom. Beyond her academic pursuits, Snyder participated on the Student Advisory Council, helping to foster a close-knit community within the College of Health during its first years, both within the College and Council, as the relationships she formed during her time on the Council remain strong. Her education in population health and her experience building relationships prepared her well for her role at Johnson & Johnson as an Associate Deal Desk Quoting Analyst.